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Find a Shingle Recycling Company in Splendora, TX

Almartin Transportation can haul your shingles away

If you’ve got leftover shingles from a roofing project, don’t just throw them away—repurpose them by reaching out to Almartin Transportation Inc. We’ll help you limit your environmental impact by gathering up your old shingles and hauling them off to a local recycling facility. Instead of lying in a landfill, your recycled shingles can be repurposed and used to better the communities of Splendora and Houston, Texas. We also serve surrounding communities.

From patching roads to increasing pavement resistance, your old shingles can be used in a variety of ways. Contact Almartin Transportation to learn more about the benefits of shingle recycling.

Recycle roof supplies in the Splendora and Houston, TX areas

Think your old shingles are useless? Think again—recycled shingles can be used to:
  • Repave roads
  • Form a base for new roads
  • Patch roads
  • Control pollution when applied to pathways

Almartin Transportation will help you recycle your shingles by hauling them to a local recycling facility. Call 917-697-5740 for an appointment.