tires, splendora tx

Hire a Tire Removal Service in Splendora, TX

Remove and recycle your old tires

When your tires are no longer roadworthy, make sure you contact Almartin Transportation Inc. Tires aren’t biodegradable, so they shouldn’t just be tossed into your local landfill. Our team will take your tires (or shredded rubber), load them into one of our trailers and haul them off to a recycling plant to make sure they don’t become an environmental hazard.

We pick up tires from residents of Splendora, Houston and surrounding areas. Schedule your next tire removal service by calling Almartin Transportation at 917-697-5740.

We recycle tires of all types

If you live in the Splendora or Houston, Texas area and need old tires hauled away, reach out to Almartin Transportation. Our team has the equipment and capability needed to recycle tires from:
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Trucks
  • Construction equipment

We’ll bring trailers and load up all the tires on your property. Get in touch with Almartin Transportation to discuss your tire recycling needs.